Must-Have Information When Choosing Neckties


In formal settings where one is required to be in a suit, then it looks incomplete to have one with no necktie. The necktie serves as a focal point giving life to a suit. Many of the neck ties are made from silk or other classic fabrics and they come in different sizes. The person wearing one should make sure the color of the tie and the shirt and suit are matching to avoid looking funny. The neck tie should also be proportional to the suit, with the collars of the shirt giving a clue of what size will work best.

The other aspect to ties is the care methods. Being made from sensitive fabrics, one needs to make sure that they are cleaned and stored appropriately lest they shrink and lose their appeal. The best way to clean the ties is by dry cleaning. This option is economical when dealing with a lot of ties. When the ties are few and are not so dirty, then one can opt to dry clean them from home. One can also wet clean them by wiping them with a cloth wrung out of soapy water and then consequently wipe the excess liquid using an absorbent material. Click to learn more.

The ways to tie a necktie are numerous ranging from the Windsor knot to the four in hand knot to the famous bow tie knot and the list is endless. The type of knot to may be a requirement especially if the tie is part of a uniform. These particular methods can be learned by watching different tutorials from the internet or by asking for assistance from friends who are familiar with these simple techniques. There most commonly used being the full Windsor knot.

When all these factors have been observed, then the next step is to make sure as one is wearing the tie, then the tie is under the collars, and should be centrally placed in the V shape of the suit and draping naturally. In the event that one is in a sweater or the suit's vest then the tie falls under these items. It is important to note that the patterns used on the tie and the shirt are too conspicuous and it takes a lot of effort to find patterns in both that work harmoniously. Hence the simple rule of thumb is to make sure either the shirt or the necktie is plain if the other is patterned. Otherwise one may attract too much attention, a situation no one wants especially in a formal setting. Find out more here.

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